What’s New at Tureks

  • We are proud to announce Tureks has finished the Dimensions Waterjet.
  • Tureks the leading trend setter in the natural stone industry, is proud to announce the Talya.

    Tureks; Turkish marble, Turkish travertine, Turkish limestone and Turkish onyx factory

    Welcome to the best Turkish marble, Turkish travertine, Turkish limestone and Turkish onyx factory. Tureks has been manufacturing the finest natural stone flooring, natural stone cladding, and natural stone exterior applications in Turkey since 1982. Turkey has the world’s best natural stone quarries for marble, travertine, limestone and onyx and it has a very rich heritage for manufacturing marble flooring, marble vanity, marble countertop, marble mosaic, marble molding, marble sinks and marble exterior cladding facades. Tureks is one of the oldest and best firms in Turkey for manufacturing marble tiles, and marble countertops. Our main product categories are:

    Turkish Marble – Marble floor tiles, marble vanity tops, marble countertops, marble sinks, marble steps, marble mosaics, and marble pavers. Some of our famous marbles are Afyon White, Afyon Sugar, Diana Royal, Avalon, Avenza, Paradise, Mugla Marble and Desert Cream.Tureks marble is extracted from our own exclusive quarries and manufactured with the finest technology and craftsmanship. Whether you are looking to do a marble bathroom, marble fireplace, marble kitchen, marble foyer or simply looking for marble tiles or marble slabs, Tureks offers the widest variety of Turkish marble products to choose from.

    Turkish Travertine – Travertine tiles, travertine flooring, travertine countertops, travertine basins, travertine moldings, travertine backsplash, travertine steps and travertine pavers. We were the first company to introduce Turkish honed and filled travertine tiles to the world in 1982 and our workmanship is the best in filling and honing our travertine products. Some of our best known travertine products are Ivory Travertine, Walnut Travertine, Golden Sienna Travertine, Silver Travertine Denizli Travertine and Red Travertine. For building travertine bathroom, travertine fireplace, travertine vanity, travertine kitchen or to choose travertine tiles, travertine slabs for floor or wall, Tureks is the one-stop shop with an unparallel variety of travertine products.

    Turkish Onyx – Onyx floor tiles, onyx wall tiles, onyx vanity tops, onyx sinks, onyx shower, onyx mosaics, onyx molding onyx bathtub and onyx basins. Turkish Onyx comes in very fine grade and very rich color combinations. Our famous White Onyx has been used in the most prestigious projects around the world. For onyx bathrooms, onyx kitchen, onyx paver, onyx shower, onyx pool coping, clients all over the world have trusted Tureks Turkish Onyx products for three decades.

    Turkish Natural Stone – Natural stone pavers used in pool decks, pool copings and exterior paving is a very popular Turkish Stone and sought after for hotel marble walls & floors, shopping center marble floors & walls, and marble bathrooms and marble kitchens in luxurious residences. Tureks’ wide range of Turkish limestone, marble, travertine, onyx, and natural stone are used by famous architects and designers around the world.

    Contact Tureks for the finest in Turkish travertine, limestone, marble and onyx for your floors, kitchen, bathrooms, walls, fireplaces, foyers, pavers, countertops, vanity top, table top and pool coping. Write to us or call us to receive our catalog for the best Turkish onyx, marble, limestone and travertine products. Tureks stands for the best in Turkish marble and other natural stone surface products.